Practice Survey Reporting

The Patient Experience was commenced on the week commencing 4th March 2019. All patients who presented to the reception desk were offered a questionnaire. This included patients calling to collect prescriptions, attending treatment room or chronic disease clinic, GP consultations and also anyone making general enquiries. 10 questionnaires were posted to a random sample of patients who had received a home visit in the previous 3 months, along with a SAE. 8 were returned and included with others.


2% of practice list size to be surveyed


Number of surveys   =70


Number of surveys needed = 72 number completed - 83


Number of surveys needed = 73

Number completed=77

What number would you use to rate the Practice with 10 being the best possible and 0 being the worst ever

95% scored the practice 7 or above

45% gave the highest rating of 10 70% rated 9 or above

5% rated between 4 and 6

0% scored below 4

99% rated 7 or above

52% rated 10

73% rated 9 or above

0% rated 5 or below

99% rated 7 or above

58% gave the highest rating of 10

72% scored 9 or more

0% rated the practice lower than a 5. Only one scored 5 or 6 and 5 scored 7.

How likely would you be to recommend the Practice to someone who has just moved to the area?

95 % were extremely likely or likely

2% stated they were unlikely to recommend the practice

100% said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend the practice.

94% said they were extremely likely or likely to recommend the practice


In addition to the standard questions, we asked another 3 questions in relation to the current system of open surgery on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  1. Do you use open surgery?
  2. Do you like the open surgery arrangement?
  3. Would you prefer a system where emergency appointments are available daily on a first come/ first served basis?

The open surgery has been used by most of the questionnaire respondents and most like the current set up, however 56 of the 77 (73%) would prefer a daily surgery for emergency appointments and this is something we may consider in the future.


  1. Have you any suggestions on how we might improve our service?
  • Bookable appointments within a reasonable time frame – what is ‘reasonable’?
  • Move Jayex as can’t see it from some seats –can’t be moved
  • Telephone consultations to put patients mind at ease if anxious and not really needing seen – already do this
  • Children to be prioritised – already do this
  • Take emergency patients first – already do this
  • Employ another doctor – not practical
  • Email for repeat prescriptions – already available
  • Evening surgery – funding issue
  • Don’t do open surgery – may consider change to this in future
  • Water fountain – health and safety issue/ water is available from kitchen if requested
  • Too long to wait at open surgery – high demand = long waits

Some positive comments included:

  • Staff are excellent
  • Doctors and staff are nice
  • Staff very helpful
  • Very courteous and helpful
  • Staff are great – nothing is every any trouble
  • Keep doing what you are doing – it seems to work. Well done!

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