Chronic Pain

Flippin’ Pain - Resources to help people manage their chronic pain

The Flippin Pain™ campaign ( provides a wealth of resources which aim to increase under-standing of chronic pain among both patients and healthcare professionals, and improve the quality of life of those living with pain. These include videos, patient information leaflets, patient stories and podcasts.

Healthy Living Centre Pain Support Programmes

A further forty five PSPs, now known as ‘Better Days Pain Support Programmes’, will be run virtually (via zoom) in different local areas, click below for further information.,pain%20and%20the%20programme%20covers%20topics%20such%20as%3A

These programes aim to help people with chronic pain to reduce their reliance on medication through better understanding of the limited role of medicines, and to learn about other ways to help manage their pain and improve their quality of life. Click here for further details, including a 2 minute participant experience video.

Preliminary findings from recent programmes include (from week 1 –12):

 55% reduction in self-reporting of ‘extreme’ pain, 33% of ‘moderate’

 65% reduction in self-reporting of ‘high’ reliance on medication

 Increase in use of non-pharmacological techniques from 33% to 73%


The programmes are open for both referral by others including healthcare staff, and self-referral. Bookings can be made online at

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